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Holiday Danceletter 2013

Dear Beloved Dance Community,

Let’s give thanks for an abundant year of music, dance, and culture! It’s been an extraordinary year of connection, travel, and expansion. In dance, there is always room to grow and opportunities to discover new things – and so we did.

In our dance classes we transported ourselves. We played with time and dared to be courageous enough to step into the unknown. Learning new dance steps can be scary! But, we danced anyway trusting that the process would be challenging at times. All along knowing that the rewards of feeling our bodies move in ways we didn’t know were possible would be worth the discipline it took to set us free.

We stepped it up! We took our practice to the next level. We grew exponentially and became freer because of it. I hope we can all agree that this year’s dance classes brought clearly the lesson that profound freedom comes from the structure and discipline required in refining technique. Years ago, my revered ballet teacher, Josie Walsh instilled this concept to me in her teachings and I finally get it! Incorporating more discipline and structure in all areas of my life has brought me greater happiness and freedom.

I am grateful to dance for pushing my boundaries and comfort zones in ways that keep my mind, body, and spirit flexible and agile. Dancing keeps me on my toes and makes life’s uncharted territories less daunting.  Life becomes an adventure opening my eyes to greater possibilities.

Warm Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season! We have so much dancing to look forward to in 2014!

Check out my New online dance classes on coming Dec 24th! Also, the anticipated release of my 5th Dance DVD “Latin Groove Let’s Dance” launches in Europe! I’ve also included a look at some highlights from 2013!