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Spirited Dance Classes with Kimberly Miguel Mullen that Celebrate the Joy of Living! 

A full time traveling Dance Artist, Kimberly offers individual classes, workshops and extended dance residencies worldwide. She instructs various diverse and educational learning formats that are rooted in her professional dance training and extensive academic and cultural studies research in the Caribbean and Brazil. Kimberly is skillful at making intellectual cultural dance forms accessible, relatable and beneficial to everybody by creating a context through which the execution of movement guides the exploration of the self and how we connect to others and the Universe at large. Kimberly provides a safe and non-competitive classroom environment in the spirit of learning for participants to not only explore the unique relationship between the various dance steps and drum rhythms but will also learn the cultural, political, historical, and social content of the dances.

Kimberly’s Formats:

AfroCaribe Dance Classes: Kimberly’s signature dance class was conceived at the Electric Lodge in beautiful Venice, California in 2005. This year celebrates 10 years of providing ongoing weekly Saturday Dance classes in Los Angeles with live drum accompaniment featuring LA’s top musical talent. These classes celebrate cultural art traditions from the Caribbean (Cuba) & Brazil that are derived from the African diaspora. Ongoing specialty Master dance workshops featuring Guest Artists who are cultural treasures in their field are offered monthly. Guest Master Artists are: Silfredo La’O Vigo (Cuba), Juan Carlos Blanco (Cuba), Slleyk da Bahia (Brasil), Dona Cici (Brasil), Luiz Badaro (Brasil), Jose de Souza (Brasil), Rosangela Silvestre (Brasil), Mariano do Silva (Brasil), Djeneane Saint-Juste (Haiti), Julie Simon (US), etc.

AfroCuban Dance Classes: Kimberly’s AfroCuban dance classes offer sacred and popular dance styles from the Yoruba, Arara, and Congo/Bantu cultural art traditions including national dances such as Rumba. Ranging from 90 to 120 minute class duration.

AfroBrazilian Dance Classes: Kimberly’s AfroBrazilian dance classes offer styles from the Ketu & Jeje cultural art traditions from North Eastern Brazil including national dances such as Maculele, Samba de Roda, Samba Reggae and Samba Afro. Ranging from 90 min to 120 minute class duration.

PolyRthythmic Dance Technique: Kimberly’s polyrhythmic Dance Technique classes integrate overlapping movement themes from Cuba and Brazil to build alignment in the full expression in the dance. The focus is on possibilities of movement for individual body parts and combining the articulations to dance from a powerful and expressive place. Ranging from 90 to 120 minute class duration.

Dance Conditioning Classes: Kimberly’s dance conditioning are energetic and athletic geared for building strength, stamina, flexibility and endurance. Kimberly has several different energetic and diverse formats that introduce dance technique in a fun and accessible environment for everyone to benefit. Ranging from 35 to 60 minute class duration.


“Pure Joy. Mullen doesn’t stop smiling and encouraging the group with every step, making sure everyone is having a blast. We finished the class completely soaked but bursting with energy.” - Jaime Kiffel-Alcheh, Editor in Chief.

Kimberly is a powerful dancer and beautiful teacher of African Diaspora dance ~ her residencies are deep, fun and juicy!” – Yarrow King, Tucson, Arizona