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Artistic Statement

“Dance is my tool for connection. My belief is that dance reflects life, so I travel to dance with the world. After many years of immersion in the movement cultures of the U.S., Brazil, and the Caribbean, I can wholeheartedly recommend learning about the world through the lens of dance. The joy, healing, and abundance that I have witnessed dance bringing to people transcends any boundaries of race, gender, class, or language.

My study of the ethnology of ancient cultures leads me to the conclusion that movement is one of the  most profound ways that people connect to themselves, each other, and nature. It’s often where the creative life force is found, and where spirit is defined. My love for dance is rooted in my travels to the origins, and grounded in my gratitude for the masters who have taught me. The practice of learning and teaching is a refinement process accessible to anyone; when we travel with this intention we can celebrate the similarities and differences of our humanity as we grow. May we all share the dance of life together.”

– KMM featured in Conscious Dancer Magazine 2010.